cm kutty saqafi

Secretary, Majma'a Malabar Al-Islami

Chengana Muhyudheen Kutty Saqafi was born as the eldest son of Chengana Moinkutty and Valiyathodi Fathimakkutty in 1966 in Velleri, a neighboring place of Areacode. His primary education was from Munavvirul Islam Madrasa of Velleri (Islamic) and AUP School of Kodungallur(Material). After gaining the secondary level education he accompanied matured Islamic Scholars of Malabar for further religious education. MP Musthafal Faizy known for his novel ideas and deep thought and OK Zainudheen Musliyar famous for his piety and knowledge and non alignment to any organization are his prime teachers. He joined Markaz Al Saqafat Al Sunniya Karanthur for advanced learning and after two years education he was awarded the title of Moulavi Fazil Al Saqafi. Seeking stimulation from his teachers he was more interested in Islamic activities and Sunni Movements. His finest oration on Sunni Ideology and organization attracted the mass and he was a living figure among Kerala Muslims. He started his public life as an activist of Majlisu Da`watil Islamia of Puramannur, Valancheri. Now he serves the community as a member of Samasta Kerala Jameyatul Ulama District committee Secretary of SYS Ernadu Taluk committee, member of Sunni Yuvajana Snagham District committee and Sunni Mahallu Federation District committee, Secretary of Majma`a Malabar Al Islami and vice principal of Majma`a Sharet and Arts College. He had visited United Arab Emirates, Kingdome of Saudi Arebia, Sulthanate of Oman, Bahrain and Qatar and make frequent visits to Lakshadweep.

We may contact him: Ameen Manzil Velleri

Po. Chemmrakkattur Via. Areacode

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: 04832853756

Mob: 9447697416

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