• This institution was established to form Islamic propagators of modern society who have mastered in both Islamic and material education.
  • Holly Quran, Hadith, Islamic jurisprudence, Arabic grammar etc are the subject matters  for the studies in this institution.
  • Those who complete an eight years course under the syllabus prescribed for will be honored by a title named AL WAFI.
  • Those students who complete the course also will be provided a degree in an Arts subject, commonly in English literature,   from any one of the state universities.
  • There are about 150 students in this section and their food and accommodation, education and primary health care are provided by the college at free of cost.
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Majma'a Malabar Al Islami Kavanur

Malappuram (Dt) 673639, Kerala, India

Ph: +91 4832850935


Account No: 57049136239

State Bank of Travancore, Areacode Branch

IFSC Code : SBTR0000454